Selected Books

American History
The 1957 desegregation crisis at Little Rock Central High School, told through eyewitness accounts and contemporary photographs.
The story of the battle in the context of the Texas Revolution, told through eyewitness accounts and powerful historical images.
The compelling story of the battle told though eyewitness accounts and striking historical images.
Narrative Nonfiction
The story of two brilliant artists whose lifelong conflict jumpstarted the Renaissance in Quattrocento Florence.
The inspiring story of a Hall of Famer who rose from poverty in Puerto Rico to set new standards of excellence and integrity on and off the field.
Biographical profiles of thirteen Native Americans who led their people on the spiritual path in the face of foreign invasion and cultural pressure.
The amazing story of the world-famous angel artist, illustrated with full-color reproductions of his inspiring art.
Rambunctious, rollicking, rootin' tootin' retellings of nine American tall tales.
GINORMOUS retellings of world folktales about giants.
Teeny weeny retellings of world folktales about little people.
A coming-of-age novel set in the world of high school theater.
A first-place Little League team starts losing when their star player's bat mysteriously disappears.

Young Authors Workshop

Working with two young authors . . .

The Young Authors Workshop is an extraordinary opportunity for your students to work with a dedicated and experienced professional author (that's me) in learning to craft their own stories or short books. Along with my experience as an author, I am also a parent and former teacher, so I am comfortable working with young people and have much to share.

The details of the Young Authors Workshop will vary depending upon your situation and resources. The ideal situation is an extended writer-in-residence program, where I spend a full week at your school. This might be combined with my rootin'-tootin' assembly program, Tall Tale America. (For more information on that, click "Live Show" in the links at the top of this page.)

I am currently putting together more complete information on the options available for the Young Authors Workshop, which will be posted soon on this page. In the meantime, if you are interested in knowing more, please contact me at the link below.