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All About America series
Kingfisher • February 2012

(hc) ISBN 978-0-7534-6713-8 $19.89
(pb) ISBN 978-0-7354-6671-1 $9.99

The United States is a country built by immigrants. Throughout its history, people from around the world have come seeking freedom and better opportunities. Join the masses passing through Ellis Island, see the hardships many newcomers endured as they pursued the American dream, and learn how immigrants from all countries have contributed to the rich fabric of American life.

The books in the All about America series pack a wealth of information into an attractively designed package. Double-page spreads, enhanced with photographs, color illustrations, reproductions, artifacts, maps, and sidebars, introduce each topic in detail. . . . All titles give careful consideration to Native American history, highlighting their displacement, noting that colonists and Indians often attacked each other, and emphasizing that more settlers died of disease than from attacks. A glossary, time line, and suggested books and websites add to this series’ research value. - Booklist


The First Peoples: Spreading from north to south
European Immigrants: The first settlements in today's United States
The Slaves' Journey: Workers on plantations and large farms
Migration Continues: By 1840, the population reaches 17 million
A Better Life: Cities swell as immigrants flood in
Golden Dreams: Part of the nation's great changes
The Lure of Land: Setting up farms in the Midwest
Immigrants Move West: Anti-immigrant feelings grow stronger
Mass Arrivals: New languages and cultures
Ellis Island: Checked before entering the country
Settling in Cities: Packed into tenements
The World Wars: Decisions on citizens, aliens, and allies
Toward Modern America: The continuing search for the dream