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Jacket illustration by Scott Medlock

Harcourt • 1993 • $17.00 (hc)
ISBN 0-15-276163-2 • 160 pages • Ages 8-12

Little League baseball and inexplicable theft form the gist of this enjoyable tale, certain to score with sports and mystery buffs. . . . Walker exhibits a natural fluency with both dialogue and his hero's first-person narrative. . . . This author dirives in a winner.
—Publishers Weekly

Halbertson's Flowers is the first place team in the Granada Little League. But after their star player's lucky bat mysteriously disappears, the Flowers go on a big-time losing streak. And when equipment continues to vanish—one piece at a time—B. J., Wash, and Tony form the Sluggers Club to investigate the mystery.

When they're not playing baseball, the members of the Sluggers Club are hot on the trail of their suspects: Could it be Emily Kravitz, who doesn't like criticism of her playing? Or obnoxious Ed Obermeyer, the star player on a rival team? Or—most frightening of all—could it be the Black Scorpions, a gang that heckles the Sluggers’ teammate Nong Den?

Come join the Sluggers Club in this winning combination of sports, mystery, and humor.