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ANDY LAKEY: Art, Angels, and Miracles

Cover paintings by Andy Lakey

Written with Andy Lakey
Turner Publishing • 1996

ISBN 1-57036-282-3 • (OP)

Selected by One Spirit Book-of-the Month Club, 1996

We exist in a universe replete with miracles and spiritual wonders … each of us can open up to our own liberating connection to the divine. When we hear about the miraculous life of Andy Lakey … and feel the awesome presence of his paintings, we are deeply moved inside. … Andy has found his path with the angels … and we know that we can find ours, too.
—James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecies

This handsome book tells Lakey's story and offers anecdotes about the paintings and how they have brought hope into the lives of their owners . . . An enticing wedding of mysticism and art. —Booklist

On New Year's Eve 1986, Andy Lakey had a near death experience during which he encountered seven angels. The experience changed his life and ultimately touched the lives of countless others. After his recovery, Lakey sat for hours, sketching pictures of the heavenly visitors who saved his life and gave him a second chance. He didn't fully understand what was driving him to constantly draw these images until 1990, when he was revisited by three angels who appeared in a ball of light. When the artist emerged from this vision, he had a clearly-defined mission: to create 2,000 angel paintings by the year 2000. Today, Andy Lakey is one of the world's foremost painters of angels, and his works are collected by museums and art lovers around the globe.

Showcasing over one hundred of his finest pieces, Andy Lakey: Art, Angels, and Miracles chronicles this unique artist's explosion of creative output and the critical acclaim and astonishing success that embraced him. Filled with testimonials from those who have been touched by the angel paintings and their healing power, from art critics who affirm the quality of the art, and from collectors like President Jimmy Carter, author Betty J. Eadie, and actor Ed Asner, Art, Angels, and Miracles is a natural extension of Andy Lakey's effort to share his extraordinary and inspirational art.