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All About America series
Kingfisher • November 2011

(hc) ISBN 978-0-7534-6694-0 • $19.89
(pb) ISBN 978-0-7534-6517-2 • $9.99

Long before the First Europeans arrived, North America was home to variety of native peoples, with cultures as diverse as the landscapes they inhabited. American Indians introduces you to the tribes of each region, from the Iroquois of the East to the Sioux of the Plains and the Navajo of the Southwest. Look inside a pueblo, join a buffalo hunt—and witness the conflicts that erupted as the westward expansion of the United States threatened the tribes' ancient ways of life.

The books in the All about America series pack a wealth of information into an attractively designed package. Double-page spreads, enhanced with photographs, color illustrations, reproductions, artifacts, maps, and sidebars, introduce each topic in detail. . . . All titles give careful consideration to Native American history, highlighting their displacement, noting that colonists and Indians often attacked each other, and emphasizing that more settlers died of disease than from attacks. A glossary, time line, and suggested books and websites add to this series’ research value. - Booklist


A Continent of Peoples: Early American Indian cultures
Eastern Woodland Tribes: Algonquin- and Iroquois-speaking peoples
Southeastern Tribes: Cherokee, Seminole, and Natchez peoples
The Plains Tribes: Life before the introduction of horses
Southwestern Tribes: Pueblo, Hopi, Navajo, Apache, and Pima
Western Tribes: Living between mountains and the coast
European Conquest: Explorers, invaders, and colonists
Changes on the Plains: The buffalo culture develops and spreads
Indian Removal: Forced into conflict with whites
Making Treaties: New pressures after the removal act
The Conflict Explodes: Broken treaties lead to warfare
Reservations: The plight of Sitting Bull and Geronimo
The Final Act: Wounded Knee and a new life