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Cover painting: School of Athens (1508-11), Raphael.
(Vatican Museum, Rome/AKG London)

World History Library
Facts on File • 1995 • (OP)

ISBN 0-8106-2942-3 • 160 pages • Ages 12 and up

The Italian Renaissance is a wonderful introduction to this exciting and unique age—a time when the learning of Classical Greek and Rome was rediscovered, sparking an explosion of creativity in the arts and sciences.

Beginning with a presentation of the important developments of the late Middle Ages that set the stage for the Renaissance, the book then covers key events and cultural achievements during the 14th century, a period known as the early Renaissance. Next, the blossoming of Renaissance culture during the 15th and 16th centuries in the most important city states is vividly described. Various cultural and intellectual subject areas are also explored, finally returning to the larger story with a chronological account of foreign invasions and the spread of Renaissance culture to northern Europe. This book provides readers with special features that capture the flavor of the time by examining subjects such as festivals and music, the role of the artist, and the lives and accomplishments of some well-known women.